"A mean character in the bottom two. Typical."

  1. Bofci

Big Fat Orange Chicken Image is a male contestant competing on OTA in The Blocks and is one of the few characters to be in the show.

Personality Edit

Big Fat orange chicken image generally doesn't care about most things and can be mean at some points, He likes hurting people and likes other meanies. Big Fat orange chicken image is also unforgiving, as seen when he scolded Sidewalk for losing the first challenge. Then he became nice after Ota 5 he is still mean sometimes not being friends with Grey Guy anymore and friends with Car Door.

Relationships Edit

Grey Guy Edit

Him and Grey Guy are allies as seen in OTA 1, as they are wandering around going to kill people. But their friendship ended in OTA 6 due to BOFCI being friends with Car Door.

Car Door Edit

Their relationship started in OTA 5, where Car Door told him what he was scared of, but BFOCI decided to keep it secret, then he slapped Car Door and apologized to him for doing so, now they became friends.

Glass Case Holder Edit

BFOCI is in good terms with Glass Case Holder. Examples like working together in OTA 4 and BFOCI throwing Glass Case Holder to the other building to be safe in OTA 7.

Bullet Bill Item Edit

Their only interaction was in OTA 1, where he used Bullet Bill Item to get to the finish line.

Sidewalk Edit

He's not in good terms with Sidewalk because he lost for his team.

Sans Edit

Their relationship first started in OTA 7, where he is curious about who is Sans talking to, then in OTA 8, Sans was in confidence class with Phone and Mutated Taco, BFOCI and Sans also worked together in the challenge.

Phone Edit

He is seen to be friends with Phone as he is teaching her confidence in OTA 8

Spiderweb Edit

Him and Spiderweb are not in good terms since Spiderweb demanded his dad (Spiderdaddy) to kill BFOCI in OTA 1 and OTA 6.

Dice and dicey Edit

Although they never interacted, BFOCI has ran over them with a boat in "a fishy situation" and tried to use them to save himself from falling in "Block and roll".

Plastic Bag Edit

BFOCI's was Grey Guy's former ally, who is arch enemies with Plastic Bag. They haven't interacted quite some time till OTA 8, where BFOCI says to Plastic Bag "Oh you too" when they are in the same group, they also worked together in the challenge.

Little Image Edit

After "giving birth" to him in OTA 10, he is the official father of Little Image.

Coverage Edit

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Big orange chicken is actually from Brawl of the Objects.
  • He is the only character based off a character from Brawl of the objects.
  • He and Creeper Logo are the only icon/logo characters.
    • Coincidentally, they are both in The Blocks.
  • He has a sibling named Huge Blue Cat Image.
  • He got three deaths along with Booky and Sideways Cup, making the having the most deaths in OTA (Spiderweb would be in this but his first death was under 5 secs)
  • He is now, since OTA 10, the only father character (if you don't include [1]Spiderdaddy).

Deaths Edit

Ep 1: Bit and poisoned by Spider Daddy, Crashed into volcano

Ep 6: Bit and poisoned by Spider Daddy

Ep 8: Fell to his death (debatable)

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