"It's because my asset is a ripoff of a TROC contestant. -Blue Sponge

Personality Edit

Blue Sponge is depressed, and has lost all hope due to looking like an obvious ripoff of Baggy from TROC

He has a lack of effort in doing tasks and doesn't have any real support or confidence, apart from sidewalk, his only friend.

Appearance Edit

As his name says, he is a blue sponge who used to look like baggy from TROC. In OTA 6, he got a redesign which looks more original than baggy. He also has many holes inside of him.

Trivia Edit

  • He and Dice and dicey are the only characters to know about the fourth wall.
  • He is the only character to have a homemade asset which looks like another object character.
  • In OTA 6, he got a redesign, most likely for him actually looking too much like baggy.
  • He is the second main sponge character in an object show. The first one being Spongy from BFDI.
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