aka:FAKER OF HAP "Yes! The real Hapman is back!" ~ HDPWOL, every time he gets recovered

HDPWOL is a male competitor on OTA and is one of the few characters to be competitive.

Personality Edit

HDPWOL's personality is more of a show-off type of character, who is more of a humorous character played off for jokes about SuperHapMan15. He tries to be SuperHapMan15 but he fails and he is a sonic fanboy. HDPWOL keeps trying to get his team to notice him, but his team tends to bully him. He's also called, by some contestants, annoying. He then revealed that he connected himself to Hapman and tried to be like him so no one will notice what happened. As of OTA 7, he no longer acts annoying and became nicer to Brobee cake.png

Coverage Edit

Booky will be called HDPWOL till OTA 7.

Here we go again! Edit

HDPWOL makes his first appearance, greeting Gold Wall that he is the real Hapman, but Gold Wall says he isn't the real Hapman. HDPWOL tries to proof Gold Wall that he is the real Hapman by firing BFDI Shirt using T-Shirt Cannon, but ends up killing him since BFDI Shirt flew to Incinerator. During the first round, he started running to the finish, but ended up being pushed by Kill. He makes it to the finish line after Red Minion and Mr Game and Watch. He is able to win the second round by getting a green ball. While picking the teams, he tells Kill he wants to join because he is epic. He then asks Sans if they would choose Alien Necklace or Dice and dicey, Sans responds to him that he wants to choose Alien Necklace. He then names his team Hapman is better since he is cool. During the challenge, HDPWOL suggests using Jelly Bread to feed Sky since she is food, when Kill has created the sandwich, HDPWOL turned in the sandwich for Sky, his team won by getting 10/10.

high like a diamond Edit

HDPWOL says that the victory was ours thanks to him, Kill asks how he has done that, and HDPWOL responded to Kill that he gave Sky the sandwich and because of that they won. After Jelly Bread called HDPWOL a monster, he went to go spend time with his girlfriend while Kill said she is a default, then he yelled at Kill no, then Jelly Bread and Alien Necklace started laughing at him, which angers him. During the challenge, HDPWOL suggests that they should do what The Blocks are doing, Jelly Bread said that is a typical idea, but HDPWOL angrily yelled at her. He then threw his collection of Sonic amiibos at Yummy Wommy, but BFDI Shirt threw a Sonic amiibo at HDPWOL, which results him falling to the ground.

a fishy situation Edit

During the flashback of last challenge, HDPWOL revealed that he has fallen to the ground and died like a Sonic way, when he is recovered by Kill, he said "Yes! The real Hapman is back!" (his catchphrase). Jelly Bread, annoyed by this, said "Woah". During to time to choose who will be in the contest, HDPWOL said that he should be picked, but is then pushed by Jelly Bread, saying that she should choose someone more useful, then HDPWOL yelled at Jelly Bread. On the way to the other island, Kill feels a bunch of mass on him, he then tells HDPWOL how many hamburgers he ate, he then said that he ate 6000. When the Purple Fish tried to tackle Kill, HDPWOL and Jelly Bread fall into the water and HDPWOL pretends to be drowning, he then uses Jelly Bread as a raft but then the fish spies him and Jelly Bread, so HDPWOL quickly swam back to the volcano island. After they went back, they unfortunately got eaten by the fish.

a very EGGciting episode! Edit

After being recovered by Kill, he once again said his catchphrase, Jelly Bread said that HDPWOL is more like "a real idiot", which causes HDPWOL to yell at her, after fighting with his teammates, he then goes play his favorite game. During the start of the challenge, he wanted to be picked for the challenge, but Jelly Bread and Sans decided to work together, then Sans puts on a play on how HDPWOL acts, then HDPWOL gets annoyed. During the challenge, HDPWOL is happy that Spiderweb called him the real Hapman, but still threw one of his Sonic amiibos at him.

get popping! Edit

HDPWOL is seen playing with Glass Case Holder's skull, Sans told him to give it back but HDPWOL refuses, accidentally destroyed the skull and was killed by Sans. After being recovered, he says his catchphrase again but his voice actor messed up and the catchphrase was re-said again. Jelly Bread asked him if he had to say the same line every time he gets recovered, after having a conversation on Brobee Birthday Cake's elimination, he said he hates Iron door's challenges, which irritates Iron Door. Before the end of the challenge, he brings in a bucket of nails and he and Jelly Bread work together to throw the nails at the Watchers, when he is the only person left, he takes a piece of Creeper Logo's obsidian house and causes it to fall down, making him "really" the reason his team won.

Game on! Edit

After the intro, HDPWOL attempts to do beatboxes while standing on a ladder at the same time, but falls down and Jelly Bread makes fun of his injury. He wasn't seen for a long time until Jelly Bread finally found him crying next to the ocean watching anime. While Jelly Bread apologizes to HDPWOL, he then sees Jelly Bread and said that he is watching his favorite anime of all time. He is then back at the challenge and was able to win the final point, but after he said who is responsible for the cheat, his team lost the challenge.

Jump baby jump, yet again! Edit

In the cold open, Kill and HDPWOL are fighting after the events of last time. During the elimination, he tells Sky to shut up when Sky said that his team finally got a game over. When kill said he wanted to quit, he evilly glares at him, when Kill is talking about wht he wants to do, HDPWOL interrupted him by saying who is the next one eliminated, Sky said is was him, with 499 votes. He then tells his team that he is not the real Hapman, but Jelly Bread and Kill give him an annoyed look. When he turns "not really inanimate", he gets detached and Hapman is finally free from him, giving everyone a surprised look. After Brobee Birthday Cake finishes reading his book, HDPWOL (now bodyless) approaches Brobee Birthday Cake, he then uses the book to make him back to life. Now that he is a book, HDPWOL renames himself the real Booky, after him and Brobee Birthday Cake have a conversation, they have became friends.

Block and roll Edit

His only scenes are him noticing everyone is gone and talking to Alien Necklace.

The Great Escape Edit

He did not appear in this episode at all, but was only seen in the credits.

Relationships Edit

Main article: Booky's Relationships

Trivia Edit

  • HDPWOL is a inside between SuperHapMan15 and his friends, or people who know SuperHapMan15 really well.
  • Every time HDPWOL gets recovered he says his unofficial catchphrase "Yes! The real Hapman is back!".
  • HDPWOL is actually a bodyless character that has the ability to use a random object as his body.
  • He, BOFCI and Sideways Cup got the most deaths in OTA, at three.
  • So far the only episode he wasn't in is OTA 9.

Deaths Edit

Ep 2: Fell to his death

Ep 3: Eaten by fish

Ep 5: Killed by Sans's bones

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