Creeper logo is an object who competed in Object Towel Again. He is a character who likes Minecraft. His team is called The Blocks. Which consists of: Him, Big Orange Fat Chicken Image, Sidewalk, Glass Case Holder and Car Door.

Unfortenally, He was eliminated in Game on!

Personality Edit

Creeper Logo is seemingly obsessed with Minecraft, and tends to bring up almost anything he says to do with it. He even judges people if they look like they're related to "Minecraft" or not. People find him to be annoying.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only character to be related to Minecraft.
  • He is the only character to have a Minecraft face.
  • He has many weapons involving Minecraft, most notably his Diamond Pickaxe.
  • Creeper Logo speaks with a lisp.
  • He and Big Orange Fat Chicken Image are the only characters to be icon/logo characters.
  • Coincidentally, they are both on The Blocks.
  • Creeper Logo has eyebrows.
  • Creeper Logo has a chest full of materials.
  • He and Sans are the only characters based of a videogame
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