"Ugh, Dammit!"

Grey guy had a chance to join Object Towel Again, but failed at round 2.

It is unknown what he is.

He was released in OTA episode 6 to help with a challenge, but only to be sucked back into Iron door after the challenge was over.

Personality Edit

Grey Guy is often mean and sometimes even kills people because he’s bored. However, he does have close friends or acquaintances such as Big Orange Fat Chicken Image. His archenemy is Walmart bag.

Appearance Edit

He appears to be something made out of metal (Possibly).

He is gray for his main color. He has a yellow part at the bottom of his body. He has a gray and yellow highlight on him.

Trivia Edit

    • In OTA 6, he said this to phone: "SHUT UP, LOSER, YOU'RE GOING DOWN!!" This is a reference to OT, episode 1. Where he told phone that she was "Going down."
    • In OTA 6. he was shown to have sharp teeth.
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