"Ugh, DAMMIT!"

Grey guy is a character in OTA. He had a chance to join Object Towel Again, but failed at round 2.

Personality Edit

Grey Guy is often mean and sometimes even kills people because he’s bored. However, he does have close friends or acquaintances such as Big Orange Fat Chicken Image. His archenemy is Walmart bag.

It was revealed in The Great Escape that he hates drawings, as he gave immunity to the person who DIDN'T make a drawing.

Appearance Edit

Grey Guy appears to be something made possibly out of metal. He is gray for his main color. He has a yellow part at the bottom of his body. He has a gray and yellow highlight on him.

Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Grey Guy may be scared of Sans since he destroyed his soul when he tried to roast him.
  • He confirmed that he is insane.
  • He scared Tool Gun with a Nerf Gun.
  • It is revealed that he can smell fear.
  • He killed iron door by throwing Brick at him.

Gallery Edit

Deaths Edit

OT 1: Burned to death (Off Screen)

OTA 1: Slammed into the ground multiple times

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