Phone is a character competing in OTA, She debutted in "The Great Escape", but she was eliminated in "The Missing Friends"

Personality Edit

Phone is a coward and will scream to almost anything. She will SCREAM so loud she will start ringing and you would be able to hear it a mile away. She plays a role in OTA 6 as one of the helpers and gains more confidence.

Trivia Edit

  • In OT, she still restrained her scared personality.
  • In OTA 6, she managed to escape being sucked up by Iron door by hiding inside of Sans
  • she only rings when she screams.
  • She is currently the only female to be voiced by Leo.
  • She is the only person to debut
  • In the OTA in real life video she has her numbers just like her old look
  • Phone, because of her joining in OTA 9 and being out in OTA 10, now is close to having the least screentime.

Deaths Edit

OT 1: Burned to death

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