"Hey, do you wanna have an eating contest?"- Plastic Plate

Plastic plate is a character competing in OTA.

Personality Edit

Plastic Plate Doesn't think things through and instead just does them. Even when warned, he will not hesitate to try new things. He is also shown to be a bit rude at times.

He has also been seen to be used a lot by other contestants, like of how red minion used him to deflect sonic Amiibos flying towards them.

Appearance Edit

Plastic plate appears to have 3 holes inside of him. Two small holes, and one big hole below the smaller ones that is wider. Inside of each hole, is a periwinkle-tinted color (Most likely to emulate shade).

Relationships Edit

Jelly Bread Edit

Jelly Bread is the first person Plastic Plate interacted with. He challenged Jelly Bread to an eating contest to eating Mutated Taco. They interacted again in OTA 7, where Jelly Bread helps Plastic Plate to get to the other building by throwing him.

Status: Friends

Brobee Birthday Cake Edit

The two have interacted once. Brobee Birthday Cake asks Plastic Plate to eat him, but he and Jelly Bread says it's weird to eat him and Brobee Birthday Cake walks away from him and Jelly Bread.

Status: Neutral

Red Minion Edit

Plastic Plate asks Red Minion if he can join his team, Red Minion says "Sure why not". They had a huge conflict in OTA 2, where Red Minion get mad at Plastic Plate for calling Mr Game and Watch useless, Red Minion also uses Plastic Plate as a shield and a flying kinda little hard if they both have a bad relationship.

Status: Unknown (Former Friends)

Mr Game and Watch Edit

Plastic Plate was curious about what Mr Game and Watch is gonna do, but he had a conflict with him by calling him useless and saying that they only won because Sidewalk made a mistake.

Status: Enemies

Dice and Dicey Edit

Dicey calls Plastic Plate to get on him and Dice and swim back, however they were too late. Also in OTA 4, Plastic Plate said that he wanted Dice and Dicey out for being in his face in OTA 3. Plastic Plate agrees what Dice and Dicey said in OTA 5 that they should stick together. In OTA 6, he tried to rip off Dice and Dicey's string to make their dream of splitting apart come true, but Dice and Dicey shouted "NO!", Dicey gets angry at Plastic Plate saying "You could not rip this string!". Dice and Dicey see Plastic Plate trying to get the California off his face, they say it's a tattoo and Plastic Plate calms down.

Status: Friends (Enemies in OTA 3 - 4)

Spiderweb Edit

Spiderweb and Plastic Plate are best friends as of OTA 4, but their relationship actually started in OTA 2, where Spiderweb is angry at Plastic Plate for ranting on Mr Game and Watch and then he demanded his dad to kill Plastic Plate, but after OTA 4, they get into better terms from time to time. Unfortunately in OTA 8, Spiderweb has been killed by Car Door, which angers Plastic Plate.

Status: Friends

Car Door Edit

Their relationship started off good, but after Car Door killed Spiderweb, who is Plastic Plate's friend, Plastic Plate got angry at Car Door for killing him. In OTA 9, he tries to ask Plastic Plate to help him out in the challenge, but he ignores Car Door are walks off, then the two have a conversation of Car Door killing Spiderweb. Car Door said that he was trying to distract Group D but Plastic Plate doesn't care and walks off. He also pushes Car Door in OTA 10.

Status: Enemies (Former Friends)

Mutated Taco Edit

The closest interaction together was Plastic Plate biting Mutated Taco in Here we go again!

Status: Neutral

Trivia Edit

  • He is the first person to join a team, and the second to join one overall, the first being Mr Game & Watch from Super Smash Bros.
  • He hates Car Door for killing his best friend (Spiderweb)
  • Plastic Plate, Plastic Bag and Sans are the only ones to be up for elimination one time.

Deaths Edit

Ep 2: Eaten by Spider Daddy

Ep 5: Stabbed by nails many times

Ep 8: Crushed by a block tower (debatable)

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