Sans is a male character in OTA. He is currently competing in Team "Hapman is Better".

Appearance Edit

Sans represents the character Sans (Also known as Sans The Skeleton or Sans Undertale), Sans is just a Sans Skull with Object Show Character Limbs.

Personality Edit

Sans is always laid back. He's shown to be lazy at He is sometimes shown to confront bad people, like Creeper Logo or Grey Guy (Creeper Logo was given ketchup by Sans as a way to avoid criticism). He is shown to say “Yay I’m useful” two times

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Agility: He can be shown to dodge attacks all of a sudden, like when he dodged a kick

Telekinesis: He is shown to have control over telekinesis, like when flinging Grey Guy up and down when he is enraged.

Blaster Control: Like normal Sans, he is shown to have control over dinosaur-skull like creatures called "Gaster Blasters".

Osteokinesis: He can summon bones from any distance, having full control over them.

Trivia Edit

  • Sans is one of the few OTA contestants to be based off a video game, like Creeper Logo being based off Minecraft, and Sans being based off Undertale.
  • He is the only Undertale character on the show.
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